Extra Charges For Overseas Buyers

DiscusDVD is a UK based non-VAT registered small business.

No UK VAT (Value Added Tax) is charged on your purchase and therefore no VAT is reclaimable.

Sales outside the UK may be subject to extra charges including your local VAT - also known as Goods And Services Tax or Sales Tax, Import Duty and Handling Fees. (Admin charges for collecting tax and duty).

Following Brexit - the United Kingdom leaving the EU - this now includes all member states of the European Union.

The extra charges for importing goods from overseas vary in different territories and we would advise any overseas buyers to research prior to purchase.

As the importer of the goods, the purchaser will be solely liable to pay any of the above charges should they be levied. These are usually charged before release of your package or as you collect the package.

Overseas buyers must understand and agree to the above before making purchases at our store.