Customers In The United States And Canada

Customers in the United States and Canada should note that UK PAL DVDs may not play in your territories.

The DVDs we sell are on the UK PAL TV system (625 lines 50 Hz)

This is incompatible with your NTSC TV system (525 lines 60 Hz)

PAL DVDs marked as Region ALL will only play if your DVD player can output a PAL TV signal and your television can display a PAL TV signal.

Many US and Canadian players / televisions do not allow this.

PAL DVDs not marked as Region ALL will only play in specially modified multi-region players. They will not play in standard US and Canadian machines even if these players can output a PAL TV signal.

For these reasons we do not allow shipping of PAL DVDs to US and Canadian customers until we hear from you regarding the above.

Please note occasionally UK DVDs are encoded in NTSC. If they are Region ALL we allow US and Canadian shipping without prior contact since they are fully compatible with US and Canadian hardware.

If you wish to buy an item and are certain you can play it please contact us stating the title and confirming you own the necessary hardware. We will then amend the listing so that you may purchase it.

If you are unsure we recommend against making a purchase since you may have to return it via trackable postage at your expense and your original postage payment will be non-refundable.